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Last September, i got married in the south of France, and it was a DREAM! My husband and i decided to stay in France for our honey moon. We wanted to experience different parts of the country after our wedding. We started off in Provence which was so magical! Countryside vineyards, with amazing tasting wine, and local markets filled with trinkets and fresh food. HEAVEN!

Being the foodie that i am i did a ton of research before the trip as to where i wanted to eat while there! However, some places we dined at were found while adventuring in the moment, and they turned out to be really fabulous. Sometimes, going with the flow is best!

Gordes, is a picturesque medieval small town. You could get around on foot, if you wanted. In the center, there are a few cute restaurants and cafes, as well as a market on certain days.

The first night, we walked around and chose to dine at a cute little restaurant called La Trinquette. This quaint, very laid back restaurant was tucked away down an alley, and it was just the vibe we were looking for, after a long journey of driving to arrive in Provence.

We sat outside on the small patio, and loved it. While we sipped on delicious, local french wine, we looked out onto the sun setting amongst the cyprus trees in the provencal valley. It was the perfect date night to kick off our honey moon. When the sun went down it got a little chilly, and the restaurant gave us warm blankets to bundle up in while we ate and shared our favorite memories from the past fun filled wedding week we had just experienced with friends and family.

I ordered the chicken dish, and oh my was this some delicious tasting meat! It was the best french comfort food! I felt like i was in a family home and someones grandmother cooked me their traditional family meal.

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